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Canada is united by the talent and labour, the blood, sweat and tears of the Canadian people who have, for generations laboured in factories and on farms and in stores and schools and hospitals, and by the great sacrifices of our soldiers in two World Wars.
We are united by people who care about their neighbours and help them in times of need, and work hard day and night to raise good families, to provide food and clothing and shelter and education and medical care.
We were united by the few honourable politicians who once made us proud to be Canadians and made us popular wherever we travelled in the world. Such political figures were few and far between, but I'll bet you could name two or three if you try.
Expo ' 67 was like a wedding, bringing together Canadians from coast to coast who came to meet people from all over the world and share food and music and science and culture. Flowers bloomed everywhere and the aroma of fresh coffee wafted from the Ethiopian Pavilion. It was the perfect party to celebrate being Canadian. Everyone talked with everyone in all kinds of languages. It was a joyous summer in Quebec.
We are united by the contributions of our devoted teachers and hard-working nurses and caring doctors and brilliant scientists, and we are united and comforted by our artists, painters and talented musicians and opera singers who bring us the pleasure of quality music. Strangers and friends are united at our jazz clubs, where we meet and relax and are uplifted by sharing this very human music. 
We are united by banks, corporations, companies, benevolent societies, and all sorts of institutions that cross borders and share common interests. Do the separatists expect national and international bodies would sever connections all over Canada in order to do business with a ghetto state ?
Would the Quebec ghetto have its own currency - accepted by whom? - Its own army? Air force? Navy?  Its own postal service?
Would the Quebec Ghetto expect to do business with the rest of Canada? Or with China ? Egypt?
What if Canada refuses to do business with the Quebec ghetto?
What about travel ? Tourism? Business? Will Quebec have its own passports and visas for travel outside of the ghetto?
Would the Quebec ghetto cover all the Medicare benefits we get by being Canadians?
Would the French Only Quebec ghetto shut out non-French radio, TV, Internet - the way China shuts out the free world ?
We are united by the efforts of those who dare to stand up and speak out against tyranny.
We are united by the railroad and by our rivers and lakes and forests and mountains.
We are united by the CBC, although it has seen prouder days, And we are united by Medicare that allows the frail and the ill to recover and heal and to live to contribute to the happiness of their children and grandchildren and their communities.
We are united by our diversity. Our freedom of religion, Our open society. No standard puppets are we. All the languages, all the cultures, all the delicious foods and music, give Canada a richness and freedom unknown elsewhere. You can be yourself in Canada as long as you respect human rights and do not impose your beliefs on others.
There are those who would love to tear Canada apart. They believe they would enjoy chomping on a sliver of the pie while hiding behind the wall and the wire fencing. They wouldn't mind leaving all the good stuff to the rest of the people of Canada.
No sane person would give up a great, free, multi-faceted homeland for a ghetto. But then again, there are always greedy people who manipulate the ignorant and naive and the sheep will adore them and obey them.
We dare not forget Germany in the 1930's We are not immune. In the early 1970's we came close to revolution and innocent people were maimed and murdered in Quebec. It can happen because there are always greedy bigots and fools.
Any rational person can see how ridiculous Quebec separatism is. Obviously it can't happen unless Ottawa and the rest of Canada allow it to happen.
How crazy can you get?
Phyllis Carter
First published at PHYLLIS CARTER'S JOURNAL - MAY 27, 2013

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