Wednesday, April 2, 2014


There can be no reasoning with people who insist that the United States of America was "founded by God", as if God flew down from the clouds and wrote the American Constitution, and built the roads - and slums - and fought the wars, etc. 
People who live with their heads in the clouds have diminished capacity, have been brainwashed or deliberately, for their own motives, refuse to acknowledge reality.
Weak people, sick people, uneducated people, poor, down trodden people, disgruntled people, feel empowered by being accepted into such powerful company. Hey ! Who is more powerful than God? And these leaders have God in their control. Wow! God works for those leaders. We must follow. Such joy! Now I am found !
Tyrants use God's authorization so easily - for their own purposes. The sheep can be swayed into believing deeply. Hypnotized. Joyous! So sure of rewards after death. Many good, decent, caring people get sucked in - and spit out.
And sipping from this Cup of Tea, we can enjoy slaves again. Not only Black slaves, but Mexican slaves, slaves of many colours. Why not? We are God's Chosen - Christian Americans. God serves us. In World War II, the Nazi soldiers had a message engraved on their belt buckles. It read, "Godt mit unz" - God is with us. I have this from someone who saw it with her own eyes every time she sneaked up to a barbed wire fence to see her father.
Those who do the indoctrinating find ways to profit. The leaders always find ways to profit by controlling the minds of others.
Sane, rational people just have to work around the extremists. They will not succumb to logic or reason. It would not serve their purpose to share America with ordinary people, people who are not Christian or Caucasian.
We have similar people in Quebec, Canada. French extremists who do not want to be Canadian anymore. They want a "sovereign" ghetto state of their own - with all the benefits of being Canadian anyway. A special state where those who are different must succumb, serve, obey - and shut up - or get out - while they can,
Those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it - again and again and again.

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