Sunday, April 13, 2014


Do you wonder why there is so much crime?
Western society follows the New Testament's command to forgive and forgive and forgive .... forgive "seventy times seven". Matthew 18: 21-23
What that means is "keep on forgiving forever". And the innocent pay for it.
Our laws are designed to protect criminals, not the innocent. The goody-two-shoes Christians keep preaching forgiveness and making excuses for even the most heartless criminals. They tell us we - crime victims - will receive our rewards  - our justice -after we die. Is that any different from the Islamists we are so quick to criticize?
Is that any different from what the slave owners told their beaten slaves. Sing boy ! Praise the Lord and pick that cotton ! Wait until you die. Then you will get justice .... fountains of wine and many virgins for some, and others will relax in a hammock and bask in the glow of Jesus' glory forever. Halleluhia ! Now, just pick that cotton and shut up!
That is the crime that is being perpetrated against the innocent and victims of crime and abuse in western society. Thump the bible and silence the victims. Forgive and shut up !
Our injustice systems love criminals. They feed the lawyers richly. How would the lawyers stay rich if criminals were not protected? They get away with it because the bible says so. The lawyers and the judges and the politicians thrive on this system, and the victims are crushed and usually, silenced. Who dares to speak out against the Holy Bible !
We will never have justice until people DARE to speak the truth and stop bowing to ancient myths. Someone must speak for decent people, for the victims of crime and corruption. Someone must demand JUSTICE.

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