Thursday, April 10, 2014


Now that the Liberals have won the elections, will they be any different than the Liberal governments of the past? I can only speak from my own experience with the Liberals of the past who were corrupt and irresponsible.
When I was attacked and robbed in my home on October 7, 1996, I managed to call 911. The Montreal Police I called to rescue me helped the thief, Dawn McSweeney, instead and, consequently, those she brazenly calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog - by their repeated refusal to take any action to recover my precious belongings and charge the thief.
Marlene Jennings, Liberal Member of Parliament and Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008, "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times" - and Russell Copeman, Member of the Quebec Legislature, appealed on my behalf to the body governing judges in Quebec - but no one would take any action against the criminals.
Liberals, Liberals everywhere, but not one of them who would go up against the corruption in the City Hall of Montreal.
The Charbonneau Commission set out to investigate the corruption at Montreal City Hall, but their focus has been the City of Montreal's connections with the Mafia and the construction industry. Crimes by the Montreal Police and the government if the City of Montreal against individuals and families have apparently not touched the commissioners at all.
And so I fight on day and night, for what is my own, for what was stolen from me and then from my family, with the help and cover-up of Montreal Police and their friends at Montreal City Hall - while the Liberals of Ottawa said, "This is not in my jurisdiction" and the Liberals of Quebec said they were helpless.
Will the corruption and cover-ups continue now?
Language is a red herring. Corruption is the real culprit. And those who do nothing are as guilty as those who help to rob the people - people like me and my family.
Detailed reports of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney, her partners in crime and the Montreal Police are open to the world at
I am offering a $5,000. reward and more.
More than 143,000 people around the world have read my reports to date. From Montreal to Moscow, from Canada and the United States to Great Britain, Brunei, China, France, and Saudi Arabia, people are reading my reports about the corruption in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
I am waiting for justice. But I am not just waiting. I am reporting the corruption day and night, week after week, month after month - and yes, year after year - until everything that was stolen from me and from my family is returned and the criminals are charged in criminal court.

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