Sunday, April 20, 2014



What's our future

What's our future ?


The struggle to protect your wild horses is continuing on many fronts.  Our friends at Help Alberta Wildies continue make everyone aware of the negativity that abounds in the ESRD and other groups about these beautiful creatures.  No one that cares, can let the pressure to have the wild horses afforded better protection and more humane treatment fall silent.  So we hope that you continue to let your voices be heard.  We still suggest you contact your local MLA and let them know how you feel, no matter what party they may belong to.  Here is a link to allow you, no matter where you live, to find the contact information for your MLA.  Ask them that the laws be changed so that the wild horses are afforded better protection and therefore assuring the overall welfare of our herds.

Clearing the snow banks

Clearing the snow banks


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