Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I published this message on  my Facebook page in April, 2014:
"Criminals are having a field day ! They are getting away with robbery, assault and battery, intimidation, kidnapping, child abuse, rape and murder. Why?
Because we let them ! We who remain silent. We who say, ' Isn't that horrible ! Isn't that awful ! Gee ! I wish someone would do something about it ! Gee ! I'll pray on it. Poor child. Isn't it a pity !'
Well, what are YOU doing about it?
Each of us must do what we can to stop the atrocities, the injustice, the corruption.
I am a reporter. I write. That's my contribution.
What are your resources? If you have none, please do not spoil my Facebook page by telling everyone how sorry you are for the poor victims. Just go back to your kitchen. Have a cup of coffee and wash your dishes."
In response to my message, BettyRae Birkholtz asked, "What do you do?"
I have been fighting injustice since I was 12 years old. 
I started participating in politics with my father, George Rubin, before I was 20 years old.
I have participated in demonstrations and protests and marches on Parliament Hill.  
I worked undercover with Bobby Beale during the October Crisis, for the rights of all children to learn English in Quebec.
I worked to elect Pierre Trudeau, Jean-Pierre Goyer, Claude Dauphin, Marlene Jennings, Warren Allmand, Russell Copeman and others.
Ban the Bomb! I marched with The Voice of Women and Mothers for Peace to stop the testing of nuclear bombs.
I have fought against cruel landlords, hospital abuse, bigoted employers. I have fought corrupt politicians at the borough, city, provincial and federal levels since the 1960's.
Hundreds of my letters were published over decades in The Montreal Star and The Gazette and The Montreal Herald and the Lakeshore News and Chronicle, The NDG Monitor, The Suburban English weekly, and other publications, before there was an Internet and blogs.
Like my father, George Rubin and my brother, Stephen, I spent days and nights through decades fighting for justice. For years, our calls burned up the Talk Show phones at CJAD and CKVL in Montreal.
I was an investigator for Pinkerton, catching criminals that the Montreal Police couldn't or wouldn't catch.
I have fought against injustice all my life. I teach truth and justice through my writing. Now that I have cancer, I am still fighting day and night as a reporter and a guide to others.
More than 144,000 people around the world have read my blogs to date. From Montreal to Moscow. From Canada to China and Russia and France and Australia, and Macau and Saudi Arabia, I am teaching people to stand up for justice.
April 15, 2014

I'd like to befriend you, you seem to be just as blunt as me, and I admire that....

I don't think of myself as blunt, just matter of fact. I report the truth without distortion.

You sure do!!! without the frills and political correctness LOL ... I admire that in you! I'm pretty much the same, like I tell people my idea of tact, and yours are probably different. BUT, I sometimes am misunderstood, so then people have to let me know. You're a special lady!!!


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