Tuesday, October 29, 2013


1 - I was attacked and robbed in my home at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada on October 7, 1996. While I was being attacked, I managed to call 911.
The Montreal Police who answered my emergency call came - And helped the thief, Dawn McSweeney, to rob me.
I pleaded for help. The Montreal Police at the Mariette Street Police Station refused to investigate or to recover my stolen belongings or to take any legal action. The Montreal Police officers told me to "be patient and everything will be returned to you."
I provided the Montreal Police with detailed reports, insurance documents and insurance photographs and invoices, proving my claims, proving my valuables were kept at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, our family home where I was attacked and robbed with the help of the Montreal Police who answered my 911 call.
Mid-March, 1997: Dawn McSweeney finally returned my belongings  - the ones she did not want. Thanks to the Montreal Police, she had six months, day and night, to go through all my possessions and steal what she did want.
I showed the police the suitcase full of empty velvet jewel boxes. Then they ostensibly "opened" an investigation. Two male and one female detective came to my place and dusted for fingerprints and finally took the suitcase and the cardboard box to test - they said - at their lab. It really looked serious, official, lots of gadgets. I thought, "At last ! At last !"
Soon afterward, the police told me "There were no fingerprints." They did not say there were many smudged prints. They insisted there were none.
I was a customer of Prudential Insurance - "The Rock of Gibraltar" - and their agent, Gerry Thornily - for THIRTY years.
For thirty years, my husband and I made insurance payments to Prudential through the Thornily Agency of Point Claire, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. But they dropped me like a hot potato when I reported that I had been robbed by Dawn McSweeney with the help of a Montreal Police officer.
An agent from Prudential came to see me in the fall of 1996, shortly after I found a place to live. He said Prudential wouldn't touch the case "because the Montreal Police did not file a report in time."
2 - The Montreal Police refused to do anything to recover my precious stolen belongings, or to investigate the crimes. Years passed. My aged mother was removed from our family home and kept in total isolation from the entire family for approximately ten years. I pleaded with the Montreal Police to investigate.
The Montreal Police refused to investigate or to take any legal action to protect my mother who was in her 80's and handicapped mentally and physically.
From the day I was attacked and robbed with the help of the Montreal Police, through all the years, the Montreal Police have refused again and again and again to take any action to recover my belongings or to investigate. And I kept on begging for justice day and night.
3 - Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme - a man I never met or spoke to - never even heard of until my mother died -  had a plan to silence me.
Shortly after my mother's funeral, we learned that Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme had applied for a court order immediately after my mother was buried, declaring that I was insane and dangerous.
4 - Condemned in Absentia in Four Minutes - A Quebec Court judge who never met me, never spoke to me, and without any evidence, without any medical report, without any witnesses - except the criminals themselves - in just four minutes - issued a court order to have me taken to hospital for a "30 day mental evaluation".
The Montreal Police knocked on my door and took me away.
The psychiatrist at the Royal Victoria Hospital told The Suburban Weekly Newspaper that he had never seen such a case before. He released me immediately.
The Montreal Police refused to investigate..
5 - Marlene Jennings, Member of Canada's Parliament and Quebec's Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner. stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008 - "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
The Montreal Police refused to investigate.
My struggle for justice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, continues night and day. These crimes, aided and abetted by the Montreal Police, have cost me everything I worked for all my life, every precious gift I ever received from my husband, family and friends.
These crimes - aided and abetted - made possible and easy for the criminals - by the Montreal Police have cost me my family and my health.
And so, I fight for my life and I fight on for justice day and night.
More than 116,000 people around the world have read these reports but, so far,
There is no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.
I am seeking a lawyer to sue the Montreal Police for damages to me and to my family in the amount of $100,000. The lawyer who wins this case can keep the entire $100,000. I do not want that money. I want was stolen from me.
I demand justice !
Detailed reports of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog are open to the world at http://dawnmcsweeney.blogspot.com.
Phyllis Carter

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