Monday, October 14, 2013


Charged: Ronald Fraser Golden faces 22 counts of animal cruelty
A man has admitted having a 'cat kill room' in his Alabama home where he would throw kittens he had bought off Craigslist against the wall until their necks broke, or stomp on them.
Ronald Fraser Golden, who has been charged with 22 counts of first-degree cruelty, said he killed the defenseless creatures because he was 'angry at the world'.
The 48-year-old was arrested after police received an anonymous tip as they investigated reports of dead kittens found near his Athens home.
'Kill room': Five dead kittens were found in Golden's garden and police saw blood spatters on the walls
'Golden admitted to buying kittens off Craigslist, naming them and then killing them,' police chief Floyd Johnson said.
Charged: Ronald Fraser Golden faces 22 counts of animal cruelty. 'Golden told investigators he had a cat room where he would throw the kittens against the floor to break their necks, stomp on them or wring their necks.'

When police searched his home, opposite an elementary school, they found blood spatters on the walls and floors and the bodies of five kittens in the garden, according to
Two kittens named Melvin and Mia, and two dogs were found alive in the house. Lieutenant Chris Slaton said Golden claimed to have cared for the dogs.
A family who believe they may have unwittingly sold two kittens to Golden claimed he was in the process of buying another one, named Tigerlily, from them.
The family claim they met Golden after placing an ad on Craigslist to find homes for their kittens.

'As soon as they showed the picture I said "That's the man, that's him",' one of the women, who has not been named told Whnt.
'He seemed real nice and talkative and he gave me some updates a couple of days later on how they were doing, what he'd named them,' she said.
Golden, who was initially held for a mental health evaluation, allegedly began his kitten killing spree in July.
He is currently being held in Limestone County Jail, where bail has been set at $22,000.
If convicted, Golden could face a year in jail for each of the 22 charges made against him.

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