Monday, October 7, 2013


Clearly there is no limit to the depravity and cruelty some people are capable of. And our so-called "justice systems" find legal loopholes and excuses to let such monsters go free even after they have committed such atrocities. This woman had done it before and the system set her free so she could do it again.
The only solution is to make the lawyers and judges and members of parole boards pay dearly for letting such criminals loose on society.  
Phyllis Carter

Angela Martin

Wallingford, CT- A registered sex offender with a past conviction for child molestation proves you can't teach an old pedo new tricks, after being arrested filming the sexual abuse of a three year old girl.

Angela Martin, 29, has been accused of molesting a 3-year-old girl she was babysitting, filming the abuse with her cell phone, and then emailing the video to a registered sex offender In California. She was busted after the California man violated his parole and police inspected his cell phone, which contained the video Martin had sent him.

Martin, already a registered sex offender, served 30 months in prison after a 2006 conviction of second-degree sexual assault of a minor, which will not help her ass at all when she faces a judge in court. Furthermore, during the course of the investigation, the feds also discovered that Martin allegedly possessed and distributed child pornography that she'd received from others in August and September.

She is currently charged with production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. If convicted of the charge of production of child pornography alone, Martin faces a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of 25 years, and a maximum term of 50 years. All three charges will have enhanced sentencing guidelines attached because of Martin's RSO status.

Fortunately, she is being held without bail. If all goes as it should, she won't be using her digital devices to pursue her interests in the next few decades.


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