Saturday, March 5, 2016


Canicid in Romania 2013-2016a
Ex-Country / current colony of criminals at large, the colony swappers /'' Saviors ''- Pound '' Representatives '' You '' Animal lovers '', Ex-country where, in September 2013 the parliament '' Romanian '' The criminals at large has enacted canicidul -'' The law '' Of ionuț a.s.p.a. pcs./ P.M.B. - with '' Family ''/'' Grandma ''/ Accessories / sponsors-criminals at large (and) in March 2016.
Since the adoption of a "norms" in September 2013 can be with the killing of dogs a lot of money by the suspended rewards deserve. The " Euthanasiegesetz " (Oug 155/2001 modified by law 258/2013) says, among other things, that all homeless dogs, captured in the state animal shelters and brought euthanasiert " " there can be no one, provided that they adopted within 14 days. Per prisoners dog will have a discount of up to 50 euros paid. More taxpayer s' money flowing to the operator and veterinarians of the state homes, for the custody, care and medical care of the dogs in the state animal shelters (up to 250 euro per dog), To doctors for the euthanasia and in the last instance to the "Utilizes" the animal carcasses - a big deal. According to a press release should since the adoption of the law alone in Bucharest, captured over 50.000 dogs and 30.000 of them, "be" put to sleep. How many dogs actually bucharest on roads were and are, in fact, how many were captured and killed - and on what kind of -, No one knows. In June and July 2014 the appellations courts decided in Bucharest and in brasov, that the application of the law are unconstitutional and in the whole of Romania more may be applied. There were hundreds of criminal acts against with Romanian prosecutors and courts, submitted an appeal before the court of the European Union is pending and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have their protest in letters, petitions and formulated in demonstrations. But the catch, torture and murder of the dogs will go on, because the law has not been changed. And it's even worse: Meanwhile, even people who want to protect the animals, often expensive to pay for their moral courage. The " bother " or " document " the catch actions is in Bucharest and is prohibited with fines of up to 250 euro. The feeding of roads to animals still banned in this year and with a fine of up to 450 euro to be punished. Only the rigorous implementation of a "Neuter & release"- Can programme the stock of homeless dogs and cats to reduce sustainably. This concept, the animals following the castration and veterinary care in the familiar spot reset to supply and there. This method also recommends the world health organisation (who). In addition, accompanying measures, such as, for example a strict breeding and ban on the sale of dogs and cats, essential.

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