Sunday, March 27, 2016


If there is any doubt that there is still fascism and antisemitism in Quebec, patients at the Jewish General Hospital can feel it, even if most of them may not be aware of the facts.
If you need an MRI, too bad. You might have to wait months - or have to be subjected to all the radiation of CT Scans - because the hospital cannot afford another MRI machine and the hospital is not allowed to hire more technicians.
Quebec's budget cuts affect other hospitals - but the Jewish General Hospital is hit hardest by the Quebec Government. Blood tests that take about an hour to do, take four or five hours, because of the budget cuts, because of the shortage of technicians.
Why is the Jewish General Hospital singled out for the harshest treatment by the Quebec Government?
The Jewish General Hospital is not bigoted. It is a genuine united nations. There are doctors, nurses, technicians, receptionists, maintenance people and patients of every colour and nationality and religion working there and being cared for there. So why does the Quebec Government hate the Jewish General Hospital?.


Selene Y said...

The Jewish hospital was founded because no hospital in Montreal would HIRE a Jewish doctor. They have also the most active fundraisers in Montreal as volunteers. They have some of the best doctors and the service at one time was the best in Montreal. I have been a patient at the Jewish for more than 40 years however lately I have seen changes. They are now a teaching hospital and that makes a difference and they are no longer independent as they want to remain bilingual even multilingual and not be forced to be unilingual French.

Phyllis Carter said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Seline.

Phyllis Carter said...

When he was sick, Quebec Premier and separatist leader, Jacques Parizeau - the blunt-talking premier whose strategic cunning came close to ripping Quebec out of Canada - went for help to the Jewish General Hospital Afterward, he praised the Jewish General Hospital for the care he received there