Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The United Nations proclaimed, "Canada is back", then issued a retraction meaning Trudeau and company are feeling the heat about funding this group. But we can't give up.
Minister Marie Claude Bibeau made comments on CTV's Question Period back in February suggesting the Liberals were contemplating funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. That led to a piece in theGlobe and Mail stating that the government was looking at putting $15M dollars into the troubled organization.
Then there was an op-ed from a Trudeau adviser, Michael Bell, calling for funding to be restored to a group that we pointed out is far too close to Hamas amid accusations that it allows rockets and other weapons to be stored in the schools and hospitals it runs.
Conservative MP Peter Kent asked about the issue in the House of Commons. That was when we started our campaign Stop Helping Hamas.
The government maintains no decision has been made which is what they said to Kent on February 16 and what they're saying to me now even as the UN claimed and then retracted the idea that Canada was funding UNRWA.
Trudeau and his Liberals want to fund UNRWA. They don't see it as helping Hamas or giving Canadian tax dollars to a blatantly anti-Israel group but that is what they'd be doing.
I asked Global Affairs about the UN sending out a retraction and Associated Press running a story on the fact that Canada is not funding UNRWA, at least not yet.
Louis Belanger, Director of Communications for International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told me in an email:
"No decision has been made yet on whether we will fund UNRWA."
The UN claiming Canada would fund this group tells us the government's desire. The fact that they told the UN to take back the statement, tells me they're feeling the heat.
If you've already signed our petition, thank you. If you haven't, please sign it now at Stop Helping Hamasand either way, please share the petition on Facebook, Twitter, by email, or any way you can.
The pressure is working so send the petition to your MP, call your MP and tell them to do the right thing for Canada.
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