Monday, March 7, 2016


In Montreal, Dawn McSweeney stole everything of value that I had worked for all my life and every gift I had received from loved ones - and she did it with the help of a Montreal Police officer. 

I have been pleading for justice for years, but the Montreal Police have always refused to take any action against the criminal and those she brazenly calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog.

The former Mayor of Montreal, Michael Applebaum. awaits trial on 14 charges of corruption and to this day, the Montreal Police continue to refuse to take any action in this crime case that tore apart my family. 

Marlene Jennings, Liberal Member of Canada's Parliament and Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner, stated at two public meetings in Montreal. "Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."

Detailed reports are open to the world at - 

More than 245,000 people from Canada to China have read my reports, but there is still no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.

And so I fight on for justice for myself, my family and victims around the world. I fight on day and night without ceasing, to my very last breath, and when I can no longer fight, I hope good people everywhere will pick up the sword and fight on. Never let this case be forgotten. Corruption rules in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and it must be stopped. People must be able to turn to the police for help without fear that the police are accomplices of the criminals as they have been in this case at least. At least.

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