Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Over the last few years, advertising seems to have descended into nonsensical surrealism with very little to do with the actual products being sold, and I'm 100% behind it.
As such, Heinz aren't bothering to extol the deliciousness of ketchup this Super Bowl, no, they're just dressing up a bunch of dachshunds as hotdogs.
It's de rigueur to post the commercial on YouTube prior to the Big Game now, and today we got the extended cut, seeing the dogs (and one puppy) hurl themselves towards a bunch of men dressed as sauce bottles.
Heinz pretty much has a monopoly on condiments so I don't know why they really needed to pay for such an expensive slot, but hey, enjoy - it's all set to classic ballad 'Without You'.

"It was certainly something that required quite a bit of orchestration in terms of having dozens of wiener dogs," Heinz marketing vp Michelle St. Jacques told Mashable. "We had to make sure we got them all running in the right direction.
"When people think about Heinz they usually think about ketchup, but we actually have a much bigger family. We wanted to make sure we did it in a compelling visual way and what is more compelling than a stampede of hot dogs?"

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