Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Sandra Birnhak

BREAKING NEWS ~ FB does it again! The boy in Green ~ Bobby ~ scheduled to be euthanized ~ was ADOPTED about an hour ago by a Miami family. I spoke at length to Miami Dade AC's Marline Laing ~ she had calls from all over the country to Adopt Bobby. For an AC it's next to impossible to transport (no funds) so several "adopters" could not be considered. It was why I offered to transport within the state. She wants everyone to know that there are over 300 dogs/cats at the AC ~ they all need rescuing. If you are an animal transport please notify them ~ they urgently need the outreach. 305-884-1101 Currently, they rank # 1 in the U.S. as a kill shelter. BTW, she asked if I would mention that they want a new President who will look after dogs/cats at shelters so that all shelters in the U.S. can be NO KILL! Sending an email to Bernie today. smile emoticon THANK YOU to all who reached out and helped ~ WE MADE A DIFFERENCE TODAY ~ and it's not even noon! heart emoticon.

How can "kill" and "shelter" be used in the same breath? 

Phyllis Carter

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