Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It seems to me many women are masochists. They cheer men who abuse them, insult them, spit on them, beat them, That is what women who support Trump are doing. "Smack me again, Trump darling. I am such scum."

My own sister, the mother of the thief, Dawn McSweeney, was being abused by her husband Ed, but she told us that she loved him. "He's my right arm", she told me. Recently I learned that he had even burned her with cigarettes. Such love.

Decades ago, in Montreal, Canada, we had a radio talk show host on CKGM, Pat Burns, who insulted women and women would call in and shower him with adoring praise. SICK. SICK. SICK.

When he left his show, there was a rally for him at Victoria Hall in Westmount. I was there to see what was going on. Women were having fits because he was leaving. NUTS! -

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