Friday, February 26, 2016


"Who has seen the wind ...?"

Having been granted a brain, methinks God is One. But if "He" wanted to be three or three million, "He" would be just that, because everything started with The Creator and "He" can do just as "He" pleases. 

I don't know what all the fuss is about with all the religions and sects and sub-religions and cults. They are all the products of men's ideas and enforced by tyrants pretending to speak for God. 

People managed to find a way to get around Mrs. and Miss to Ms. Can't we find another pronoun for The Creator? 

Must "He" - who is neither him nor her, and yet both him and her - and not to be disrespectfully in human terms called "It" - be something other than "He"? "He" has many names in Hebrew, but in English and French and other languages, "He" seems to be lacking, somehow.

Seven Names of God

1.1    YHWH
1.2    El
1.3    Elohim
1.4    Elohai
1.5    El Shaddai
1.6    Tzevaot
1.7    Jah

Other names and titles

2.1    Adonai
2.2    Adoshem
2.3    Baal
2.4    Ehyeh asher ehyeh
2.5    Elah
2.6    El Roi
2.7    Elyon
2.8    Eternal One
2.9    HaShem
2.10  Shalom
2.11  Shekhinah

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