Saturday, October 24, 2015


Melvin Goodman, former CIA and State Department analyst, says Thursday's Benghazi hearing ignored the real issue for Clinton to address: the U.S. bombing of Libya that destabilized the country and set the stage for the fatal 2012 attack.
WATCH: Amy Goodman inteviews Melvin Goodman former CIA and State Department analyst.
Phyllis Carter - Hillary clearly has the essential experience and she is cool and sharp. But the question remains - Did she lie? If she did, can she be trusted with the Atomic Bomb? Will she take a polygraph test? If America elects Trump, it will be the end of America. It will be Germany,1930's. But what do the Democrats have to choose from? I am a Canadian, but everything you do in the USA affects us. My husband and my father were born in Manhattan. I love Bernie Sanders, but I don't think he has the experience to run the Big Ship. He would have to rely on others, politicians the people did not vote for. I would like to see Joe Biden as President and Bernie Sanders as Vice President. A government FOR the people.

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