Sunday, October 25, 2015


Trudeau has promised a smaller Cabinet with equal numbers of men and women — using that as a guide, we tried to figure out who will be in. (Portfolios for another day.)
Building a cabinet may be relatively easy for a skilled carpenter, but it's a significant undertaking for any prime minister. The task will be even harder for Justin Trudeau. Trudeau has promised ...
Phyllis Carter - I like the idea of a balanced Cabinet. I suggest that it also include at least one person over the age of 60. Seniors are neglected and ignored. We have so much to offer. so much experience. In the past, grandparents lived with the family, Grandchildren absorbed the experience, the culture, the traditions, the memories, the language which was often of another country. We learned how to cook those delicious foods that made life wonderful. Now grandma flies to Florida or she is placed in a nursing home where she faces the end, detached. She lives with kind care takers who tell her what to eat and when to eat and when to sleep and when to go potty.The pain is in the loss of her identity, her privacy, her power and her freedom. Might as well follow the custom of some Inuit people, and put grandma out on an ice floe. But please be sure she has her computer and access to her World Wide Web. More than 223,000 people from Australia to Saudi Arabia to China have read my blogs to date.

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