Tuesday, October 27, 2015


One of the most serious problems at the Jewish General Hospital is a failure of communication. 

You can tell one nurse about your case or a problem and then another will come to see you and you are asked to repeat the information, 

And then another will come in and you have to go through all the details all over again. 

You are sick, perhaps in pain, you are surely weary, and you have to go through this again and again, draining your energy. 

Time is wasted when the Quebec Government is telling you to push patients out as quickly as you can to save money. The money paid by people like you. Money the politicians think belongs to them, not to the people, the tax payers.

Worst of all, the information never gets to the doctor or person in charge. You have to know that so that you tell that person yourself. If you are not aware that your doctor is unaware of the information, he or she may not have all the vital facts.

Time is wasted. Energy is wasted. 

Patients are told the hospitals are short-staffed due to the Quebec Government's budget cuts. The patient in the next bed when I was hospitalized in palliative care was paralyzed from the waist down. She has four brain tumours. She was calling for a  nurse to change her diaper - FOR TWO HOURS. 

The hospital is short-staffed. The nurses are exhausted, running here and there. The politicians in Quebec are cutting the budgets to hospitals. The politicians in Quebec were out to dejeuner
 while this woman suffered.

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