Monday, October 5, 2015


The whole world has gone mad with desperate people tearing each other apart over imaginary gods - gods created by men. Little children are dying like flies. People are acting like savages. It sounds like a B movie - a late night horror movie. Wish it were. But it is Earth 2015 and it is real. Too, too real.

The politicians play "war games' with the lives of real, flesh and blood people while they sit in ivory towers using the people like pieces on a chess board and calculating the statistics of dead bodies, land and profit, vengeance and glory.

But the people are not plastic pawns. They are flesh and blood, and the flesh is being ripped and the blood of life is pouring out and the screams and the cries know no nationality, no particular idol "god.". The pain that the politicians choose to treat "objectively" is being suffered by flesh and blood mothers and fathers and children.

It is only when you are lying on a gurney suffering the pangs of burning pain that you might notice that the others on gurneys near you are feeling the same pain, the same agony, the same fear, the same sorrow, the same way you do.

And if you hear them crying, "Oh! God!", you are not likely to debate with them about WHICH god they are pleading with, because your pain is so great and all you want is for the pain to stop. Your pain. Their pain. 

And which among you will be playing politics and plotting over religion, language, race, while you are in agony? 

And which man-made idol "God" is going to stop the pain?

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