Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I was a patient in the Jewish General Hospital on October 19, 2015. 

I was not allowed to vote.

I haven't voted for years, but I decided that I wanted to vote in this election.

I am a Canadian citizen.

My family has been here for a hundred years.

I had plenty of identification, but the voting card was at home, out of my reach.

That was not the problem.

I was bed ridden but I could have been taken to the election polls in the hospital by wheelchair.

How do I vote?

I phoned Elections Canada at 1-866-218-9729. 

I was told that the hospital patients had voted two weeks earlier. 

"But I was not in hospital two weeks ago."

"You can vote at the polls in the hospital in Pavillion A- Room 102, if you are a long-term patient

"I am a short term patient".

"Then you have to go to the polls in your own riding."

"But I am bed-ridden and in great pain right now. I can't go to the polls in my riding".

"You have to ask for a two hour pass, and call for transport to take you to your polling station."

"But I am too sick to do that. And transport costs about $65.00 per trip - to my home and then return to hospital. I can't do that. Why can't I vote here in the hospital?"

"You can't vote."

I am a Canadian citizen, but I was not allowed to vote.

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