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Daniel Borg, a Swedish political activist who years ago enthusiastically joined the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in order to combat what he believed were Israel's crimes again the Palestinians, has just dropped a major TRUTH BOMB!
In a hard-hitting expose related to his brief stint in the so-called "Israeli-occupied territories," Borg said reality did not at all match the picture painted for him by the mainstream media.

During their short "boot camp" in the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah, Borg and his fellow ISM cohorts were informed that it was their job to shield any and all Palestinians who chose to use violence against Israeli Jews. "We internationals were there to act like human shields and protect them from the IDF," he revealed.
Learning that this dangerous situation could lead to his death, Borg was undeterred. "I felt useful," he recalled. "I wanted to do whatever I could to help the Palestinians. I was un-afraid and idealistic."

His first assignment was in Hebron. Directly into the frying pan, Borg thought, after he had been told that "the [Israeli] soldiers are violent, help settlers attack Palestinian children, and…occasionally arrest, handcuff and beat up ISM activists."

That's when reality slapped him in the face.

On his very first morning in Hebron, Borg remembered that "a young Israeli soldier was standing in his post at the entrance to the Jewish Tel Rumeida neighbourhood … [and] called a 10-year-old Palestinian boy that was walking up the hill to approach him."

The boy looked scared, and Borg's heart raced as he readied his camera to "film the brutality" that was certainly inevitable.

"Instead, to my astonishment, [the soldier] shook the boy's hand [and]…started to speak casually with [him]. Instantly, the Palestinian kid smiled and they spoke and joked for a couple of minutes in the July heat."

Surely this must have been an anomaly. After all, Borg, like so many others in the West, had been taught that Israeli soldiers were blood-thirsty war criminals.

"But, no, it was not," he explained. "It was rather the normal mode of conduct. [For three weeks] I monitored the same group of soldiers from early morning to late evening, and their basic way of treating the Palestinians was that of non-interference and respect. Not once did I see anything that comes close to a violation."

Over the course of his "deployment," Borg became aware of some often-omitted truths:

Hebron's "extremely small Jewish community" is under constant attack;

An unprotected Jew is a dead Jew;

The Palestinians control 99% of Hebron;

Arabs, not Jews, practice apartheid;

Hebron has religious and historic importance to all Jews;

The ISM actually tells Palestinian kids to stone Jews;

Those Palestinians targeted by Israel's army are probably terrorists.

These facts may seem obvious to some, but as Borg noted, his generation is "immersed in the false pro-Palestinian narrative fueled by CNN, New York Times, Le Monde, all our left-leaning teachers, all our cultural establishment."

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