Saturday, October 31, 2015


Gazette cartoonist Terry Mosher, a.k.a. Aislin, had plenty of fodder for political lampooning in the leadup to the 1995 Quebec referendum. Here is a compilation of his referendum sketches. 
"There was a naivete about the 1980 referendum, an enthusiasm if you will. But nobody had ever done this before; it was a great experiment. Also, the opposition forces were very strong – the 'No' forces. In 1995, the PQ were seasoned, they were craftier, Jacques Parizeau was a very calculating person. The opposition wasn't that strong. So I think that there was more of a fear element that this might actually happen."AISLIN / MONTREAL GAZETTE
"I don't know if the 1995 referendum would have happened if Robert Bourassa had not retired — and eventually died within a couple of years. He was a very strong personality; he would have been a good match for Jacques Parizeau." AISLIN / MONTREAL GAZETTE
"Lucien Bouchard also uttered some unfortunate words. At one point he said something about the birthrate being too low in Quebec. And he was saying that we were the only white society that was not having enough babies. So I did a cartoon of a black couple, with a white baby, delighted, saying that all things are possible in a separate Quebec." AISLIN / MONTREAL GAZETTE
 Montreal Gazette

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