Friday, August 7, 2015


During Thursday night's debate, Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about insults he'd previously said about women. Trump questioned whether he actually said them.

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he can't recall specifics of insulting women, though news reports paint a long history of him comparing women to animals.
  • Phyllis Carter If Trump were not so filthy rich, would the media be paying so much attention to him? Or is it because he is so ridiculous that he warrants the interest?

    • Natalie Caprice If obama hadn't been visibly black (1/2 black) would Oprah or the "media" have paid "so much attention to him?"

    • Ed Aasvik Phyllis: My answers are probably not; and mostly yes.

      Natalie: Barack Obama made black work for him, no question. Black worked against him too, so maybe that's a wash. Certainly Barack Obama is a gifted speaker and campaigner who got out the black
       vote, the young vote, and other diverse demographic sectors.

      It is odd that so few people remember that Obama's mom was white as you accurately noted. Half-white plus half-black = black. I wonder what that says about race in America? Just sayin'

    • Natalie Caprice Black did not "work against him!" lol It worked for him...

    • Phyllis Carter  - Bigotry is alive and well in America. The Republicans want their slaves back. It was so nice and so profitable having the men and boys picking the cotton with their bleeding hands and the women nursing their babies. America is America today because slaves PAID FOR IT with their blood, sweat and tears while the masters sipped bourbon in their rocking chairs and wielded their whips on the sun scorched backs of thinkers and the masters' wives sipped tea behind their lace curtains. Don't let it happen again. NEVER AGAIN !

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Phyllis Carter said...

This does not excuse the arrogant lazy bums who came to America in recent decades and scream "racism" while they bully and sell drugs and break store windows and rape and rob. They are not the descendents of America's slaves. They are parasites trying to cash in on the blood, sweat and tears of others.