Friday, March 27, 2015


It says something about our "Just Society" that has lawyers and politicians enjoying the high life with more wealth than a king could spend, while poverty drenches people in misery. However, there can be no valid argument against the fact that many people are homeless because they CHOOSE to get drunk or use illegal drugs. There are shelters for the homeless that do not want drunks and drug addicts but provide a cot and shower and food for those struggling under painful circumstances. 

In 1993, I was homeless and living in my old car and in shelters. I used the toilet in restaurants in the daytime and hospital emergencies at night. I never drank alcohol or used any drugs. 

My darling husband had died. I had cancer. I was looking for a job every day. All I had was a couple of garbage bags filled with clothing and toiletries. I lived on kraft cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. I went to Ontario when I couldn't find work in Montreal because my name was CARTER and not CARTIER. They said I was "overqualified." 

All my life's precious possessions were in my parents' home for safe keeping.(until they were stolen by Dawn McSweeney- My furniture and most of my books were in storage. 

The police refused to let me use a cell overnight because I wasn't a criminal. I couldn't get mediical care in Ontario because I did not yet have an OHIP card. I had pneumonia and the only medicine I could get made me terribly sick. I had cancer, but I could not get tests so I didn't know. 

I found shelter from time to time but most shelters did not have any place where I could legally park my old Pontiac, so I lived in my old car. 

I was rescued by a man I met at a seminar for professional people seeking work at an Anglican church. He took me home to his wife and children. We are all friends to this day. 

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