Sunday, March 22, 2015


March 22, 2015

Dear Facebook friends: 

You may know that our Mantua Books published the important book by Gustavo Perednik about Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman's ten year long struggle to bring justice to Iranian backers of Hezbollah and their Argentinian protectors re the 1994 terrorist bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Centre.

Nisman was tragically assassinated by an Iranian double agent hours before he was set to disclose new 
evidence about the Iranian connection and the Argentinian government's cover up and obstruction of justice. 

The book is called To Kill Without a Trace: A Prequel to 9/11. In fact, Nisman had come up with the facts on the extensive Iranian terrorist cells and government infiltration in Latin America. This subject is of crucial importance to the freedom of south America and eventually North America, especially now that Obama and the wicked Iranian Valerie Jarrett have subverted traditional American opposition to Iranian Islamofascism and instead are making the one liberal democracy in the Middle East, (Israel) the bad guy, instead of the Iranians who have a documented history of anti-American terrorism, which I have written about. 

Please read the following and pass it around. Obama and Jarrett, in my opinion are committing treason with respect to Iran and its terrorist proxies. This is a serious, serious matter. 

By the way, Gustavo Perednik is speaking next week in Vancouver and Los Angeles and later in Montreal.

Howard Rotberg

Brantford, Canada

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