Monday, March 16, 2015


One of the problems we always have with legitimate protests is that vandals and anarchists and thieves and fools join in the crowd and cause trouble. Experience has also shown that undercover police sometimes mix in among the crowd and cause problems to discredit the demonstrators. The following refers to a march that was stopped by Montreal Police this week.

Phyllis Carter

Celine Leduc suggests there are ways to protest without doing damage. She writes:

I agree with you. We need to protest against police brutality and racial profiling. However I object to the breaking of private property done too often by those who protest.   

If you protest show your face no scarf to cover your identity.   

Use the system by filing reports.  

When demonstrating make sure you do not go wild and break things.  

Register the march. It is then legal  

The danger of being rowdy is that those who fight against the system end up being like those they are fighting against.  

A very wise First Nation women told me, "When you lose focus and feel anger, stop, think and take a another way. Do not give up the fight to seek justice but think of another way
you can win." 

Also it is very important that you know the issue backwards and forward. Bad  information makes the person look stupid. Argue with facts and not made up fantasies such as not knowing and saying we are fighting for this that and everything under the sun,

People in Montreal who were stopped by the police were demonstrating against Bill 51 on terrorism and the people were talking about being unable to demonstrate that the police could arrest them. The Bill is to try and prevent terrorists from entering the country or coming back if they went and fought for a known enemy of Canada.     

Celine Leduc

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