Tuesday, March 10, 2015


(QMI Agency files)

QUEBEC CITY — Quebec City police admit one of their officers crossed the line by ordering a jaywalker to speak French while receiving a ticket.

Douglas Kitson, an English-speaking resident of the provincial capital, said the cop even claimed it's illegal to speak English.

Kitson admits he was jaywalking when he was stopped and ticketed late last month.
"One of the officers spoke to me and I answered in English," he said. "She replied in great English, much better than my French. She said, 'We are in Quebec, you must speak French.'"
Kitson asked her if the law requires he speak French.

"She actually said yes," he claimed.

Police spokesman Francois Moisan said the officer was wrong.

"You can't force someone to answer us in French if the person isn't comfortable or doesn't know the language," Moisan said.

But he added: "(The police) are not required to speak in English, either."


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