Sunday, March 22, 2015


The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow fully supports Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government's Bill C-51 the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015.
As noted in our Vision statement on MFT's website, we recognize the difficulties, threats, and challenges confronting Canada from radical extremist Muslims or Islamists declaring jihad (holy war) against those they consider infidels as well as Muslims who reject their ideology of Islamism. We anti-Islamist Muslims and opposed to Shariah as the basis of Islam, are committed to support our Federal government in Ottawa and to cooperate with security agencies at the federal and provincial levels in their effort to counter Islamists in our midst.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is right in indicating that freedom and security go together. We respect those who argue that an over-emphasis on security might lead to an infringement of freedom as guaranteed in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Hence, we need always to be on guard in protecting our fundamental rights. But Canada is one of the oldest democracies, and its democratic institutions of governance and independent judiciary have evolved to be vigilant in maintaining the proper balance between freedom and security. We, therefore, have confidence in our government and its various oversight committees not to infringe our freedom due to an over-reach in pursuit of security.
As Muslims we have the misfortune of experience on how Islamists have brought ruin to the world of Islam, and how the ideology of Islamism with its dogma of theocracy and the rule of Shariah based on medieval social customs and tribal values have suffocated the lives of Muslims in modern times. Prime Minister Harper has shown an understanding of this terrible reality of the Muslim world; of the toxic nature of Islamist ideology and of the role of mosques in spreading this toxic ideology, which we can confirm given our experience; and the real threat of global "jihadism" that we as Canadians are compelled to confront. The ideology of Islamism and the violence of armed jihad are intimately linked and inseparable, and this is why we in MFT support the robust measures for security set forth in Bill C-51.
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