Friday, March 27, 2015



March 27, 2015

A home daycare operator who called the Children's Aid Society because she was concerned about a baby in her care has been ordered to pay the child's parents more than $13,000 for the "emotional pain and suffering" that her report caused.
Toronto judge orders Tammy Larabie to pay $13,000 to parents of a child she worried wasn't properly cared for.
  • Phyllis Carter -  Did she tell the truth? That's all that matters. My brother was a school teacher. He lost his profession because he cared about what happened to his students outside of school. He cared. That cost him a lot. He never worked again. He just could not bear the abuses and negligence and poverty the children were suffering at home and the abuse visited on him by the system, even the teachers' union, because he didn't mind his own business. I am so proud of him. Unfortunately he died two years ago. He wasn't strong enough to stand up against a heartless system. He became very ill. I believe a good part of his illness was brought on by the terrible stress of caring in an uncaring world.

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