Tuesday, March 24, 2015


March 25, 2015

Update on Quebec Construction workers, pay will be docked for not speaking French ONLY. Yup, that's right. Now really think about this happening in our country of Canada....Do you think it's right, I sure as he** don't!!! Personal freedoms do not exist...

Le ministre du Travail et de l'Emploi, Sam Hamad, a tenu à rappeler lundi que la langue de travail sur les chantiers de construction du Québec doit être le français. Et ceux qui ne respectent pas la loi...

  • Is this still Canada? How is it that Canadians in the ROC (Rest of Canada) seem to have nothing to say about the abuses? 
  • Can it be because the ROC doesn't want Quebec? Doesn't believe in Pierre Trudeau's vision of a Just Society where all citizens could speak both English and French? 
  • Back then I was appointed a leader of The Committee for Neutral Schools by the president and founder, Dr. Henry Morgenthaler. I was on radio and TV promoting a united, bilingual Canada. Children across Canada would learn both languages in neutral schools. Everyone could talk with everyone else. 
  • Children would go to non-sectarian schools together and form friendships that might last a lifetime and enrich a country of people living in harmony. 
  • But, Oh, no! The Separatists would not allow it in Quebec, and the Anglo right wingers in the ROC could not allow their children to learn French. Stay ignorant, dear ones. That's real love, kids. 
  • So, here we are decades later in a new century, still tearing each other apart. Lovely, isn't it.

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