Friday, December 28, 2012


I have heartfelt sympathy for the people of Japan. They have suffered terribly because of the tsunami - and they - and the entire world - have suffered even more because of those who lied about the nuclear plants at Fukushima.
In 2011, it was reported that 40,000 Americans had already died because of the nuclear fallout from Fukushima.
The Japanese are not known for telling the truth.
They lied about the Fukushima nuclear plants being safe and people all over the world have died and will continue to die because of the radiation from Fukushima.
Now, as I write, tons of garbage from Japan are washing up on the western shores of Canada and the United States, bringing pollution and inestimable danger to all of us.
Of course, my friends who live in Sendai and people throughout Asia will suffer the greatest losses - because the authorities in Japan LIED ! I worry about their lovely, innocent children. How many will suffer cancer because the Japanese authorities told them to stay home and keep count of the radiation?
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And the Japanese are lying when they tell the world that they are killing whales for "scientific purposes" It is a bald-faced lie and anyone who knows the history of Japan will understand that it is a lie.
There is only one thing nations understand - short of war - and that is financial ruin.
You and I each have the power to do something important to save the whales.
Do not buy anything made in Japan until Japan stops killing the whales. Do not buy anything Japanese - from canned tuna to Toyota automobiles.
These wonderful, intelligent creatures have a right to live and decent people have an obligation to do everything possible to protect them.
Please boycott all Japanese products.

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Phyllis Carter said...

Since I wrote this piece, I have read numerous reports about the number of Americans who have died from the radiation emanating from Fukushima. Apparently there are no solid figures. The subject is widely debated. How do you know when someone who has died of cancer has been affected by the fallout from Japan and when there are other causes?