Saturday, December 15, 2012


We are living in the shadow of a BIG LIE.
Once, Canadians - like me - and Americans, saturated by lovely films from the movie industry, believed in heroes and "good guys".
I - we? - thought that most people were good and that "the law" - the cop on the corner - would keep us safe. But if it was ever true, it is true no longer.
While North Africa and the Middle East wallow in hatred and death, North Americans are living in the shadow of the few filthy rich people who run just about everything. What that means is endless corruption and injustice. The wolves watching over the sheep.
Ordinary people like me can no longer trust government or the police to protect the innocent or to bring justice to victims of crime and abuse.
Most of us - ordinary people - have no practical way to defend ourselves or our rights. We have no one to turn to, no one we can believe in or trust.
Some people just trust in "God" - in whatever tradition they imagine their God. They have given up on justice in this world and are putting their hopes up into the sky. They will be better off dead. What does that say about the world today?
Some of us gather, in a fashion, on the wonderful new medium - the WWW - where we offer our thoughts, our feelings, our ideas and an odd new kind of friendship and support. Many are getting together - in real life - to protest against injustice. 
The World Wide Web is the new hope for freedom and our last hope for justice.
Yes. Some may choose to obtain a gun for self defence because they can no longer rely on "the law", the cop on the beat, the courts, the governments. Self-defence is reasonable and may be necessary. But no civilian needs an assault rifle . Anyone who chooses to have one is up to no good and puts the rest of us in great danger.

I was a Pinkerton investigator in the late 1970's. To obtain a weapon, you had to go to a gun dealer, choose your weapon, pay an non-refundable deposit and wait for months while the Quebec Police and the RCMP checked your background.
If you were not approved, you did not get back your deposit and you did not get the weapon.
If you wanted to buy additional ammunition, you had to fill out forms that were sent to the Quebec Police Force (Quebec Provincial Police or Surete de Quebec) and so the authorities here know who has weapons and who is buying ammunition.
Some of them just want to die and escape from everyone and everything - especially themselves.
Others believe they will live a better life on a radiant cloud in some distant galaxy.
Gun control is common sense. But how do you prevent lunatics from destroying the innocent when Christian commands - upon which western society bases law - say we must "forgive our enemies seventy-times-seven", in other words, forgive criminals again and again -endlessly. Forgive them no matter what they do.
Our systems provide dozens of excuses to protect criminals. "Temporary insanity" allows bloody murder, and lawyers - who include judges and people at the top of the money ladder throughout society everywhere - benefit from the injustice systems we have.

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