Saturday, December 15, 2012


How can we not grieve? Even if we don't know any of the victims personally, we know now what was done to those innocent children and their teachers.
How can we not weep?
How can we fathom how much harm one lunatic can do in a matter of minutes when doctors all over the world struggle for weeks, months, years to save one human life?
How can we fathom the fact that millions of little children all over the world are sold into slavery, raped, have died of disease, of hunger, of thirst, have been murdered have been shot or burned or blown apart in war - or drowned in God's name - and no one knows their names, and we do not hear of their suffering except fleetingly?
How can we fathom the injustices that are behind so many of the deaths of the innocents? We are overwhelmed by injustice, by cruelty, by madness.
What are we to do?

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