Saturday, December 15, 2012


People use "God" for their own purposes, to satisfy their own needs.
Children are brutally murdered and people say it is because we don't allow prayer in our schools.
The Nazis wore his name on their belt buckles - "Godt Mit Unz" - God is with us.
Football players and baseball players and boxers pray before they engage in their sports. Each one thinks God is on his side. Whose side is God really on?
Innocent children suffer and die all over the world all day every day, and people pray to their God for pleasant weather so they can play golf. Whose side is God on?
Politicians claim God as their own all the time. If they win, they thank God. If they lose, they blame their opponents.
Mafia members attend church and demonstrate great devotion to Christ and Mary.
The Vatican is "devoted" to Christ - with billions of dollars in art, marble statues, magnificent robes, gorgeous buildings and untold wealth in banks and lands all over the world - while little children - even Catholic children - die of famine and disease.
Man created God in his own image. People need something to believe in. It is easier to say, "It is God's will" than to take personal responsibility.
No one knows the real God. It is beyond our ability to know or to understand what God is and what God wants. 
It is good that people have hope. But God is not a substitute for personal responsibility and it is a cop-out to blame God for our own failures, rather than dealing with real problems and taking action against liars, bullies, corruption, crime, abuse and every sort of injustice ourselves.
So shrug your shoulders and pray if you will. God helps those who help themselves - for good or for evil. We are responsible.

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