Sunday, December 2, 2012


With the help of a Montreal Police officer, Dawn McSweeney stole all my most valuable jewellery.
She also stole precious belongings that are irreplaceable - treasures of my life that have no monetary value. Personal gifts given to me by family and friends throughout my life, my oil paintings. my childhood photographs, my husband's trade-mark grey Stetson fedora -see MR. NOSTALGIA, CLIFF CARTER, RCA RECORD ALBUM  -
Even our precious wedding portrait
Dawn McSweeney stole out of jealousy, greed, hatred - perhaps, in part, to fund the nauseating cigarettes she smoked at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, our family home where she robbed me. 
Dawn McSweeney stole personal items just to hurt me, to cut into my heart. She laughed and mocked me when I stood on the icy front steps of my home pleading for her to return my belongings.
And Dawn McSweeney stole some of my most beautiful books - books I cherish even in absentia since she stole them, including brand new illuminated books of poetry decorated with lovely art.
Dawn McSweeney stole my copy of Josh McDowell's EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT - an interesting discussion about Christianity.
My parents were hurt about my becoming Christian. Dawn McSweeney cashed in on their pain - literally. She used their sadness and worry to get into our home and steal everything we had.
Did Dawn read my books? Did she learn anything about "doing unto others".
It doesn't seem so. She wanted what I had. She wanted to replace me in our family home and in my parents' esteem. She wanted to BE me. THE RAPE OF A JEWISH FAMILY -
But I am not a very good Christian. I forgive innocence, ignorance, mistakes. But I never forgive vicious crimes against helpless people like my parents and my siblings and their children.
I can forgive the theft of money because that can be replaced. I will never forgive the theft of precious personal items - whether they have monetary value - like the diamonds and gold and all the other jewellery Dawn stole - or they are items that have only sentimental personal value - the most important kind - like my husband's rings and his New Jersey Deputy Sheriff badge.
Dawn McSweeney is a thief. With the help and negligence and corruption of the Montreal Police and politicians, she destroyed my family and, as a result, my health. My struggle for justice, day and night since the attack and robbery on October 7, 1996, has drained me, damaged my immune system. I am fighting cancer, fighting for my life - and I am still fighting for justice.
Detailed reports of these crimes are open to the world at -

I am offering a $5,000. reward and seeking a bounty hunter.
Now with almost 64,000 readers around the world -
And still no justice for crime victims
In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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