Thursday, April 7, 2011


April 7, 2011
Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped into one of the most racially diverse communities of Canada on Wednesday and pushed for a law against human smuggling opposition parties have called unconstitutional.
In the rush of the current Federal elections in Canada, we are being bombarded by politicians trying to gain our support. The Liberals and the Conservatives do it by making promises and blaming the opposition for all our past problems - and by stifling the independent voices that might dare to challenge the status quo.
Again I ask, if these things needed to be done, why haven't they been done already?
The only time we hear about how a party is going to fix things is at the time of elections. Do not believe a word you hear. Look at the record. Do not make the same mistakes again and again as politicians promise candy they have no intention of providing.
There is always, and I repeat, always, an excuse for why they haven't done it, and it is always by blaming the opposition, no matter who the opposition may be. It is their fault, not ours. This game goes on and on through history, and people never learn from the past. It is too easy to just vote. Why have to think or learn or reason. (That is a rhetorical question that does not really require an answer - only serious thought.)

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