Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There are so many victims of crime and abuse. Pages on the Internet are filled with personal stories of fear and frustration at the injustice systems of Canada and the U.S. where abusers are given all the benefits, while women and children who have been abused - are being abused - are left to live in poverty and, so often, in danger. Deals and loopholes used in court leave victims feeling afraid and helpless.
Considering the enormous number of victims, I propose an alliance be formed for the purpose of mutual support and protection. Since the police and the courts will not protect victims, we must protect ourselves. Each person who falls victim - first to thieves and abusers - and then to the injustice system - is left alone. But with so many victims and victims friends and victims' families, sheer numbers have power that have apparently been left untapped.
An organization of victims with branches across North America could turn the tide. What the police and the courts fail to do, we could do ourselves. We cannot catch the criminals or put them in prison. We cannot make the police or the politicians protect us, or make lawyers be honest, but Victims' Witnesses could be a buffer. When a victim needs support, when a victim is being harassed, a call would go out to all members in the area, and support would come on the scene quickly to act a Victims' Witnesses.
For this, victims and their friends would have to be committed and honourable. I know this is asking a lot. But those who want help would have to be willing to stand up for others ... not to take any action, but to be witnesses. Villains hate to be seen doing their dirty deeds.
Alcoholics manage to meet regularly all over North America. There is always someone there for them. Why not for victims of crime and abuse ? It would just take leadership and organization and it could be started immediately if there is the will. No crime victim should be left to live in fear alone.

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