Sunday, April 3, 2011


The only issues in the election are money and separatism. The plight of crime victims is not even mentioned. Unless there is a murder or a major drug business involved, all the authorities - from the Montreal Police up to Quebec's Police Ethics Commissioner, to the Quebec courts, Quebec's "Droits de la personne", the Quebec Legislature, the Liberal Party, the Conservatives and the NDP - all ignore crime and sit on laws that protect criminals. The pleas of crime victims are suppressed and smothered at every level.
The Conservatives have been in power for a long time. They talk about being tough on crime, but they have done nothing to change the laws that protect criminals or to help crime victims get justice. Appeals for help are simply ignored. The only answer to our pleas are generated by computers.
The Liberals make promises they will not keep. They have done nothing to change the laws that protect criminals or to help crime victims get justice. They wiggle out of any situation where they might have to help us.
The NDP have always been soft on criminals and separatists.
See the detailed reports, the evidence, at
Read the detailed reports about how a Montreal Police officer helped Dawn McSweeney to rob me.
Meet the "Partners in Crime" who took everything my father and I worked for all our lives.
Read Marlene Jennings' declaration, " MRS. CARTER'S RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED THREE TIMES". 
See the smug photo of the thief, Dawn McSweeney.
Read the message from the Montreal Police promising to act within 72 hours.
Read the hate mail and threats posted on my blog by Dawn McSweeney's "partner in crime", Alex Lavergne.
Read the reports on how a total stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme obtained a court order declaring that I was insane and dangerous and see how a Quebec Court judge issued the court order in four minutes with absolutely no evidence and without ever speaking to me.
The partners in crime tried again and again to intimidate me, discredit me, to silence me. But to this day, the Montreal police continue to cover for the criminals. And neither the Conservatives, nor the Liberals nor the NDP do anything about it.
All the reports are available through the archives of the blog.

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