Tuesday, April 19, 2011


To my Canadian Friend -
Chief Joseph said, "Treat all men alike. Give them the same laws." Hinmaton-Yalaktit.
The Bible says - "We know that the law is good if it is used properly" - Timothy 1:8, but I do not allow myself to be limited by what men wrote thousands of years ago. God could just as easily create my thoughts as theirs. My God is much too big to fit in any book. He can't be harnessed and He won't be gagged. Why did God give me brains if He didn't want me to use them?
Your experience, your knowledge, your heritage have shades of the Jewish People and the African People. Our peoples have all been oppressed, abused, robbed, humiliated and murdered by those who held power. The fact that the enemy had white skin is probably coincidental. It was not the colour of their skin that made them wicked and greedy. It was the coldness of their hearts. They did not feel the pain of their victims, only their own desires. We see that in our politicians in the west today.
In our world today, the rich are getting richer and more powerful, and those who are not rich are being suppressed by the very laws that were supposedly designed to ensure fairness for all.
Our times echo pre-WWII conditions. If the Jewish People of Europe had been able to speak out before they were overwhelmed, millions of lives might have been saved. But they were always an oppressed people in Europe and they could not get together and speak up. And those in North America who might have saved them, didn't care and didn't want to.
In Africa, those who held power sold their own people into slavery for more wealth and power. And those who were enslaved were not educated and could not gather together to save themselves.
Canadians of every race and religion and heritage are still free to gather together and to speak out, and we had better do it while we still can. There are those who are struggling to tear us apart, to divide Canada by language or religion, by race or social status. Those who know history and understand the games of politics and the hard hearts of those who seek to lord it over us, have the obligation to speak up now, before we fall into the same darkness.
I would love to see clans of Aboriginal Peoples gather together for a huge public demonstration on Parliament Hill before the elections. Do you have enough in common to help the rest of us choose the best path?

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