Wednesday, April 27, 2011


None of the mainstream parties are facing the issues of the environment, the dangers of nuclear plants and justice for crime victims.
Some are preaching about how important it is to vote.
I refuse to give my precious vote to a lesser evil. How can anyone justify supporting any party that is selling out the earth's environment and /or denying rights to helpless crime victims? I will not vote for politicians whose primary agenda is to gain and hold power at all cost. 
How can I lend my precious vote to those who make deals, compromise principles, distort truth, smother opposition, ignore the pleas of the poor and middle classes, insult our intelligence by refusing to give honest answers to direct questions, deny basic needs including justice to those who are not rich enough to hire expensive lawyers... ? Need I go on?
I am voting for honour and truth and hope - and good government which, right now, does not exist in Canada. 
I will not rubber stamp for any politician or party that has already demonstrated contempt for the people of Canada and both the mainstream have done that for years.
Clearly, I would never vote for a party intent upon destroying my country and creating a ghetto for the free people of Quebec or for a party that would compromise our freedom in order to accommodate extremists.
I will not lend my name to the support of any person who has ignored the pleas of victims of crime and abuse.
I vote NO by not voting at all - and that is a truly honourable vote.
Phyllis Carter

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