Saturday, April 16, 2011


Whether or not we specifically hype scientists, doctors and teachers, I believe it would be a wise turn of events if we could find ways to shine a light on the system that makes the worst sorts of people "celebrities".
A teacher may be loved and admired by his or her students, but a weird character who dresses in raw flesh is given world-wide publicity. Performers who use illicit drugs, engage in sex with scores of partners and behave like lunatics in public get all the media attention and are paid generously for their disgusting behaviour.
No wonder young people with undeveloped brains and characters are lured into bizarre behaviour. Blame corporations and the media for making the worst kinds of people public "idols" for youngsters to emulate. It isn't easy to sell millions of expensive T-shirts and DVD's that feature a nice person. Their impact is too subtle and nice people are reluctant to sell their souls to the corporations.
Parents who finance purchases of all the gimmicks and gadgets sold in the names of the "idols"make the whole game a big success.

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