Monday, February 1, 2016


When I was a child, 
I asked my mother, Leonie Feldman Rubin,  
If I could invite a few friends to our home for cake.

My mother said, 
"Those girls are not friends. 
They're cake eaters. 
Real friends are there for you
When you have no cake".

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Phyllis Carter said...

I note here with pleasure that, since that time, I have been blessed with a few very precious friends - Dolores, Carolyn, Lianne, Alan, Carol, Rev. David, Anne, Aliya, Tae-Sung, Brian and Georgia, Linda and Pierre, Joodi, and a precious few more who, in the very worst of times, have cared for me when I did not even have bread. I would not be alive were it not for their friendship.