Friday, February 12, 2016



JEFFREY SACHS : Amy, I want to say, that's great reporting, because you're clarifying something that confused a lot of us in the last day. We couldn't understand how progressives, like Keith Ellison, great congressman, was suddenly making this endorsement, when progressives know that Hillary Clinton has been part of this lobbying machine for years and years. And I think you've helped us to understand this morning something I didn't realize, which is what this endorsement meant and how the lobbyists have completely infiltrated this process.
Because that's what Bernie Sanders is talking about every day. Our politics have been corrupted by the money, which is pervasive. And it's the big health insurers. It's Wall Street. It's the military-industrial complex. And that's why our policies are so bizarre: why we have the most expensive healthcare system in the world—Bernie Sanders wants to address that; why we're in constant war—because we have the military-industrial complex constantly pushing this; why we have a destabilized financial system—because Wall Street is pumping in money.
And it's not true, what Hillary Clinton said yesterday, that they've taken care of the bankers. They let the bankers have a free ride on all of this, after this massive collapse in 2008. And we have financial stability every day now. Morgan Stanley paying the billions in fines? They're one of the biggest backers of Hillary Clinton. They're on the top of the—near the top of the list, actually. This is what'wrong with our system. The money is everywhere in this politics, except Bernie Sanders saying, "Stop. We've got to have democracy again."


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