Friday, February 12, 2016


These beautiful creatures have their skins and fur torn from their bodies and, raw and in agony, they wait to grow new fur so they can be flayed again.

Andrea Sporkert shared Tierschutzverein München e.V.'sphoto.

Tierschutzverein München e.V.

Der sinnloseste Tod ist der für die Mode.
Schätzungen zufolge werden jährlich etwa 50 bis 100 Millionen Tiere weltweit für die "Mode" getötet. 85% v...
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Fur kills!
The pointless este death is the for the fashion.
Estimates are that each year approximately 50 to 100 million animals worldwide for the "Fashion" killed. 85 % of them live in appalling conditions before on fur farms, the rest comes in traps cruel and slowly to death.
The German aspca indicates that it currently ten fur farms in Germany, in which there are about 100.000 minks are kept. " since 2007, while 21 fur farms have closed, up on a farm, however, the remaining complaints against the current higher animal cleaningand and refuse to put it into practice."
Animal welfare organisations are for a ban on the fur in Germany. Corresponding bills there, but the implementation has failed so far.
Around 50 % of furs sold in Europe, for example, wallets or hats come from China - a country without animal welfare legislation.
"fur" animals are kept under cruel conditions and excruciating killed - including our beloved pets!
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