Saturday, March 1, 2014


The Japanese lie and lie and lie.
They have lied, even to their own people, about Fukushima.
My friends in Sendai, close to Fukushima, were persuaded that there was no danger. They were told to stay home and watch the radiation on geiger counters, rather than take their children away from Fukushima.
My friends are educated people, but they believe their government. I offered to help them. They refused. They stayed, and I fear for their childrens' future health. Poor kids. It breaks my heart.
The Japanese lie when they say they slaughter whales for science. They slaughter whales for profit.
The Japanese lie about the present and the past. They are trying to cover up the atrocities they committed in World War II. They lie about how they tortured and abused  Korean girls, forced them to become prostitutes to Japanese soldiers, called them "comfort women", a "necessity" to provide relief to the Japanese armed forces. Yes, of course the Nazis did it too, but one monster at a time, please.
No, the Japanese are not the only ones who lie, but they may be counted on to lie about anything and everything.
I feel sorry for young Japanese girls and boys who have not yet done any harm to anyone but will bear the scorn of history by merely being recognized as Japanese. Do not blame the children for the sins of their parents and grandparents. Teach them. Teach them. Tell them the truth. Give them a chance to be better.

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