Sunday, March 30, 2014


Immediately after Rene Levesque left the Quebec Liberal Party to pursue his separatist agenda, a fellow Liberal Party member said to me - these are his exact words - "You Jews and you English will always vote Liberal. You have no choice."
The Parti Quebecois is so despised, and their intentions so feared, that rational, decent people of all backgrounds will vote against them this April.
But, wait, folks. Please do not give the Liberals your vote without considering what you are buying.
The Liberals believe that you - you Anglos, you Jews, you immigrants, you ethnics, you Italians, you older folks, you who are too frail to leave the province - you who are not pure wool French - you French-speaking Canadians - will automatically hand the Quebec Liberals power over you to avoid the dreaded separatists.
Think about it seriously right now. This moment is when you have some power.
During this brief period before the elections, get a hold of the candidates and nail them to the wall.
Ask the questions, politely? Yes, politely. But with determination to get what truth a politician can ever tell.
Make him or her answer your questions. Don't let their lackeys shut you up, curtail your time, embarrass you, intimidate you, divert you from your purpose.
Ask the candidate what, precisely, he or she has done for you - as an individual - for the Canadian people of Quebec in the past. It has been a long time since any Quebec politician has attracted my trust.
Ask the candidate what he or she has done for individuals with problems over the years.
This is what could happen to you in Quebec. This is what happened to me. Two politicians attempted to expose the crimes that destroyed my family.
Marlene Jennings, Member if Parliament and Quebec's Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner, stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008 -
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
But no one was willing to do anything about it. These horrendous crimes that tore apart my family and destroyed my health were in nobody's "jurisdiction." After all, a Montreal Police officer helped the thief commit the crime in my home that day in October, 1996, and set off a chain of crimes that destroyed my family.
Russell Copeman, Member of Quebec's Legislature, made an attempt to expose the judge who, a day after my mother was buried in 2007, issued a court order against me to have me picked up by the Montreal Police and taken to hospital for a 30-day mental examination.
I was being punished - intimidated - for complaining about the crimes committed by Dawn McSweeney. I had to be silenced for what was about to be revealed following my mother's death.
The thieves had kept my mother in total isolation for a decade. 
In 2005, they made a will in my mother's name, cutting out all the family heirs specifically named in my father's will, and turning over my father's home and all his life's savings to Debbie McSweeney and Dawn McSweeney. And naming this stranger, Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme, as liquidator of my father's estate. A man who never met my father who died at the turn of the century, had taken control of everything my father earned all his life, and the lives of my aged mother and my naive sister, Debbie. After my mother's death, they knew I would find out. I had to be silenced.
I learned later from the clerk at the court house archives that my mother DID NOT SIGN THAT WILL
They had to stop me before I exposed yet another of the crimes of Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog. and in Quebec, it was so easy. Detailed reports at http://dawnmcsweeney.blogspot,com
I had to be discredited, intimidated. They had to shut me up. Please note - They did not succeed. But no police officer, no politician, no newspaper or TV outlet, no so-called human rights organization, no lawyer (without big money up front and much more to follow) would help me. This is Quebec, where corruption permeates all power.
The judge issued the court order against me in four minutes - without ever seeing me, speaking to me, without any evidence, without any medical report, without any witnesses except a total stranger named Kenneth Gregoire Prud'homme and my youngest sister, Debbie, mother of the thief, Dawn McSweeney - my "baby sister" - who has not spoken to me since 1997.
The Montreal Police came and knocked in my door and took me away. I did not resist.
A stranger who never met me or spoke to me was able to take this legal action against me, while I, the victim of the crimes, after 17 years, am still pleading for justice in the case of Dawn McSweeney's crimes.
But the magistrates who judge Quebec judges wrote to Russell Copeman saying this judge "did nothing wrong".
Wake up voters! The writing is on the ghetto wall in Quebec.
Demand straight answers, not politico-gab.
Do not accept platitudes. Yes, politicians show up at food banks and churches and synagogues. They shake hands, and kiss babies and smile for the cameras. But what difference has the candidate made in anyone's life, anyone's troubles, anyone's injustices - specifically?
Ask him or her for evidence. Ask him or her exactly what he or she intends to do if elected.
He or she will tell you how government requires party support and compromise with the opposition.
He or she will tell you how tough it is to be in government. All this designed to excuse the fact that he or she will do nothing to help you as a person - you all as Canadian Quebecers.
Pin the candidate to the wall until he or she is red in the face and the lackeys are calling for help.
Make the candidate tell the truth. Make them write it down in their own hand and sign their pledge, and read it and see if it holds water - no "ifs ands or buts". If we elect you and you do not keep your promises - write this down - "I will resign immediately."
Then go and vote - if you will.
Or do - as many do in other oppressive societies - and boycott the elections. It is not a good choice. But it is a choice. It is my choice. Because, for the moment, I am still a free Canadian. And I am still free to speak truth to power.

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