Saturday, March 22, 2014


March 22, 2014
Anna in Minnesota 

Bunch of loud, hollering, running, bass-blasting, disruptive, driveway-blocking, screaming, throwing things - yes-they-were-negroes - woke me up and I was a cranky camper to start with.

This happens regularly in this tiny multiracial pocket of a mostly white suburb. Apparently, half the "fun" is scaring the neighboring crackers who are not used to this generally inner city behavior. I may be only half cracker, but it is a bit scary.

It's hard to tell if someone is being hurt..., if they are drunk, or if they are young people just "partying." Once one of them yells "police", they all take off and they seem to have a pretty good estimate of police response time. I guess that's how they win the game?

By the time I shook the cobwebs off enough to call police, they had scattered. Good riddance except that some of them live here....... I can't wait to get out of here to a nice calm neighborhood with any color of people who will have me, although I do have a preference for purple ·

Well, I have just learned by experience that you get on the ground the first time the police say so and every officer suddenly becomes "Sir" even if he looks only about 12. Ugh!

The troublemakers came back and began throwing one another around the building. I called 911 and then I heard screaming I just could not ignore. I know people get killed by intervening, but I've been ready to meet my maker for a long time. I did not have that info about the ones calling for help....

I walk to the upstairs balcony into a melee of several huge guys fighting and three tiny 90 lb women getting tossed to and fro into the wrought iron as they tried to break up the boys.

One girl saw me, who outweighs all the girls combined, and said, "Oh, Thank God!" and she runs behind me and waves to the other girls and says  that I will help them because I live here. Seriously?!?! I've never seen her before, but she was right.

I was busy memorizing descriptions of the men and calming down the girls while the cops arrived in force. The guys seemed to be trying to decide whether to take me on or not in a last effort to get away. I did look pretty pissed and two backed away.

The police yelled at all of us to get down on our knees, but I have a deformity in both knees, and it was killing me.

Well, two of the girls decided to get hysterical again and I told them to shut up and listen, that it wasn't time to talk.

Then I looked at the kid cop closest to me and whispered. He had to get closer to hear me and I told him I was the one who called. I have called the police here before. He very kindly let me get up and I gave him all the info and descriptions I knew and I got to go back home.

The medic alert sign on my door seemed to work in my favor as well. I would have just turned around and gone back downstairs once I saw the absence of open wounds and blood if the girls hadn't hid behind me. Pays to be rather tall and fat sometimes, I guess.

I did stifle a giggle at one of the hulking guys who was handcuffed to something in the laundry room without his shoes on as I passed by. His eyes were glued to the floor.

I sure am glad they didn't know I can't bust a grape and I'm also glad they didn't have any firearms. Uffda!

Next time I see the HNIC who didn't bother to lift a finger to help those of us on his turf, he's getting a hell of a scolding out of this old lady. I was originally trying to get to his door and wake him so he could deal with the folks and I could hide behind HIM!

It's all good. Apparently being hidden in Christ was all I needed tonight. Please pray for all the troubled people involved. I need to thank the police for sending so many so fast. I've never seen that many all at once except when we had shooting. God is good. All the time.

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