Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Even with the best intentions, people can sometimes make you sick.
I am a 77 year old cancer patient. I have been hibernating almost all winter, waiting hungrily for Springtime. Yesterday, a good friend gave me a lift to do some business and a little shopping.
I had to get some photocopies and, at the Jean Coutu Pharmacy at 5815 Sherbrooke West in Montreal, a very kind young clerk - I think her name was Sarah - graciously helped me at the photocopy machine.
I have made hundreds of photocopies through the years, but modern tech has created the most marvellous machines - which I can't figure out. In time, I would learn, but there wasn't enough time to take a course before making my copies.
This young lady was patient and helpful and I was grateful. But she was clearly sick, nursing some virus.
When I go to the hospital or a clinic, I always wear a surgical mask, and I have been very fortunate to have avoided catching any virus for several years, Yesterday, I had no mask, and now I am starting to get sick.
There can be no excuse for employers to require or to allow sick people to serve the public. Instead of one person being sick, dozens of people may be affected and then we bring the virus home to our families, multiplying the misery and the danger many times.
Profit is no excuse for making people sick. It is pure greed.
Spread the word, not the disease.
I am waiting to hear from my doctor.

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